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Here at Chaffe/Malcolm + Partners Inc. we focus exclusively on providing the very best client care solutions to financial advisors around the world. Our Investment Gold product has been the #1 choice among top performers for more than two decades.


Every one of our thousands of clients will tell you that no other product is even remotely comparable in terms of benefits or price point. They will also tell you that our comprehensive suite of services play a key role in their successful use of Investment Gold.



Delighted Clients


What is the secret to becoming a top performer? You can't control the financial markets. And clients don't care about your back office. Your success is tied directly to the level of service that you deliver to your clients. And your investors simply want the services that you promised. So to be a top performer, you need a client care system that empowers your team to deliver those services both consistently (so no one ever falls through the cracks) and efficiently (to control your operating costs). This is equally true whether your practice focuses on small numbers of high net worth clients or larger numbers of more modestly sized households.


If you're frustrated with the limitations of your current approach to client care, we invite you to discover why Investment Gold is the #1 Choice of Top Performers.

Or if you'd prefer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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